Cups & Lids

Huhtamaki offers a full line of cups and lids for a wide variety of beverages to meet every budget and need. Products are available in paper or plastic and are ideal for serving everything from hot coffee to cold iced tea. The line even includes kids' cups that are perfect for small, spill-prone hands.  


Paper cups by Huhtamaki are perfect for any beverage, whether hot or cold. Corresponding lids are available for any style you choose.

Impresso® Insulated Hot Drink Cups

Designed for innovators, this is the option for those who see their product as more than a hot drink, the ones who offer an experience. The texture, the color, the performance – it all creates an impression that resonates with the consumer. And, made with patented technology that allows for unlimited branding potential, Impresso ensures your company won’t be forgotten. This is the future of paper cups, conceived from the idea that even the simplest of products can be elevated to create a meaningful customer experience.

Chinet® Insulated Hot Drink Cups

Created for rationalists, this is the option for those who are looking for all-around performance and efficiency. The multi-wall structure is composed of recycled content, minimizing environmental impact. The cup is also highly customizable and spatially resourceful, and the added insulation makes it a top choice for consumers. It’s the upgraded paper cup, fashioned by the belief that we don’t have to sacrifice sustainability for comfort.

Single-Wall Cold Drink Cups

Available in a range of industry standard sizes, Huhtamaki single-wall cold drink cups can be custom-printed to promote your brand. Stock and custom lid options are available for any size you choose.

Single-Wall Hot Drink Cups

Made for minimalists, this is the option for those who believe the heart of the experience is what’s inside the cup. Using a simple composition, the single-wall cup is economically and ecologically responsible, yet still allows for creative customization to fit your brand. It’s the original hot cup, developed from the fundamental realization that our favorite hot drinks could be served from a resource we find naturally all around us.


Huhtamaki offers a range of reliable, premium-strength plastic cups and lids, perfect for serving beverages in-house or on-the-go. Leak-resistant and easily stackable, Huhtamaki thermoform plastic cups serve any cold beverage efficiently and effectively.

Chinet® Kids' Cups

Chinet® Kids' cups are designed specifically for small, accident-prone hands. Tight-fitting lids and lightweight, yet durable cups stand up to any tumble and prevent any spill, making them ideal for children.  Cups are available in fun and kid-friendly stock designs or can be custom printed with up to eight colors. Chinet® Kids' cups are an economical alternative to injection molded designs. Combo packs are available, containing cups, lids and straws.