Award honors New Vienna’s safety culture

Huhtamaki’s New Vienna, Ohio facility received a Special Award for Safety from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, sponsored by the Ohio House of Representatives.


Ohio Special Award for Safety“Through the hard work, dedication, and dependability of each employee, as well as through the leadership ability of its astute management, Huhtamaki has achieved a praise-worthy record of service, as evidenced by the high esteem in which it is held,” the award stated. “Indeed, this fine employer has set an example of excellence for others to emulate.”


New Vienna employees have built a culture where safety is the unquestioned top priority, but it took an extraordinary effort over a long period of time.


“If you go back 10 years, this facility was averaging 35 recordable injuries per year,” Plant Manager Mike Gross said. “Our improvement is the result of hard work from everybody in New Vienna and helping everybody realize that they need to stay safe and in this company, they have the right to stay safe. It’s really about engaging in personal awareness and being personally disciplined when it comes to safety.”


Between March and December in 2014, New Vienna employees worked 574,490 hours without an injury. Once again, the culture and constant attention to safety receives the credit.


“Every presentation, every meeting and many discussions begin with safety,” Gross said. “I tell the employees all the time that safety is like the shiny chrome bumper on a car. You have to polish it constantly or it will rust. We work to keep safety shiny and number one on everyone’s mind.”


“Every single person in New Vienna deserves the credit for this recognition of our plant wide culture.”


And the awards keep coming

Prior to the award from Ohio House of Representatives, New Vienna employees were recognized by the HFC Safety Council (Highland, Fayette and Clinton counties) for being injury-free between March and December 2014 and for working more than 500,000 hours during the same time period.


Congratulations to Huhtamaki's New Vienna facility.