Huhtamaki brings revolutionary Impresso® hot cup line to the U.S.

For companies investing in the hot beverage space, Huhtamaki developed the world’s most unique-looking insulated hot cup; a totally new product offering called the Impresso® line.


An industry first,  Impresso® cups offer something no other company can – fully customizable embossing that adds a whole new dimension of visual and tactile appeal. When paired with Huhtamaki’s vibrant custom printing capabilities, the new embossing feature make Impresso® cups impossible to miss.


Already available throughout Europe, Impresso® cups have been adopted by many high-street coffee operators and leading coffee brands in Britain and have enjoyed great success.


Following its success abroad, Huhtamaki North America will launch the Impresso® cup line in the U.S. on May 1, 2016. The line, which will be available in 12-oz., 16-oz. and 20-oz. sizes, includes smart features like double-wall insulation, easy-to-apply lids for on-the-go use, and embossed paper makeup that insulates beverages for comfortable hold without the need for an additional outer sleeve.


With Impresso® cups, the options are endless. Purchase the stock print with the stock emboss for smaller orders, increase your branding with a custom print on the stock emboss, or make the cup your own with a custom print on a custom emboss.


For more information, please contact Wess Hudelson, North America Communications Manager, 913.608.2383 or visit