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CHINET adds a Barcode to the Comfort Cup line

Comfort Cup by CHINETThe CHINET® Comfort Cup made a huge splash in 2013 with the convenience of a new product that helps morning commuters, school drop-off masters and the generally busy folks of America keep their morning beverage at the right temperature.
Now, the Comfort Cup® by CHINET® has launched a new design to add some style to the equation with the "Barcode".
It's the latest in a long line of new designs gracing the outer layers of one of CHINET's® most innovative products. Some of CHINET's® biggest fans submitted their own designs recently to be judged in a design contest. Take a look at some of the best in the gallery.
Comfort Cup® by CHINET® keeps those beverages toasty with three layers of insulation and a tight-fitting lid that stays in place — lowering the chances that those drinks will end up in your lap.  
Watch the Comfort Cup® in action.
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