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Huhtamaki North America and USW reach contract agreements

Employees at Huhtamaki's facilities in Waterville, ME, Sacramento, CA, Hammond, IN and Fulton, NY have approved contracts with the company. All Huhtamaki North American facilities, represented by USW, now have a current contract with the company.
Employees at Huhtamaki's Waterville plant approved their contract on November 13, voting 77% in favor. Sacramento unanimously approved. Fulton approved with 78% of the vote. The Hammond approval came in with 56% of the vote.

The AFL-CIO and USW campaign and Commerce, Ca. employees
The AFL-CIO and the United Steelworkers recently launched a campaign in an effort to represent workers in Commerce, CA. Huhtamaki has and will continue to closely adhere to NLRB regulations.
Currently, the employees of the Commerce, Ca. facility have chosen not to be represented by the USW. The USW has tried to bring additional pressure on the company by targeting customers for demonstrations. Huhtamaki is respecting the outcome of the process wherein the majority of employees have not chosen to be part of the USW. We are committed to respecting the employee preference, whatever it is.
Huhtamaki's investment and growth in American jobs
Huhtamaki's investment and expansion in its North American business segment over the last six years has been substantial in both union and non-union facilities. Huhtamaki is adding jobs to local economies, spurring growth and is an important part of the communities in which it operates.
Investment in the union facility in Fulton, NY is bringing in a significant ice cream packaging business. Investments to add more production capability also continue in Waterville, ME  and Hammond, IN as part of Huhtamaki's ongoing growth strategy. The number of lines running in Sacramento, CA has doubled since 2012. All are USW plants.
Investment, overall, in North American union facilities more than doubled during a three-year period  between 2011 and 2013  when compared to the previous three-year period (2008 to 2010). Overall, more than $100M has been invested in union facilities in North American facilities since 2008.