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We recognize that our communities strengthen when we work as a team to build commonalities and support the causes that are essential for community health and vitality. One of our core values is to treat our world with respect. That means caring about each other, the environment and the communities where we do business.


We take great pride in the communities where we work. That's the focus of our community outreach. This page highlights our activities and the difference they make.


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Helping local children get a good night’s sleep

Huhtamaki joined with Sleepyhead Beds in Kansas City to distribute mattresses to kids who don't have a proper bed to sleep in.


Sleepyhead Beds has delivered over 4,000 beds to area children in need since 2010. That’s more than 3 million nights of sleep! The beds are recycled and delivered to families in need free of charge.


Our employees supported a Sleepyhead Beds Distribution Day on June 9 by handing out mattresses and working in their warehouse in addition to providing monetary donation.

The crew handed out more than 200 bed sets and served 82 families in one day.


Learn more about Sleepyhead Beds.