Ice cream & novelty packaging

Huhtamaki is the industry leader in ice cream and novelty packaging. We offer innovative solutions in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Take home containers

Retail cups, containers & lids

Huhtamaki provides a wide variety of ice cream solutions. From round, oval, custom, short, tall, or in-between, Huhtamaki consumer packaging is synonymous with quality, innovation, and value.

Ice cream cartons

Huhtamaki ice cream cartons offer high quality graphics to highlight your product and your brand.  Various substrates, easy open zipper, and freshness seal options.  Available in 56 and 64 fl. oz. sizes.

Bulk ice cream

With over seven decades of proven performance in the ice cream market, Huhtamaki's Bulkan® container continues to be the industry standard. Available in 1 to 5 gallon sizes. Several in-plant forming equipment options are available to help you save on freight and warehousing.


Filling & packaging equipment

Huhtamaki's equipment systems help you reduce container warehousing, save up to 90% on product transportation costs, and gain an increase in manufacturing flexibility.

FM-1400 automated forming machine

The Huhtamaki FM-1400 is an on-site forming machine for straightwall, round paperboard containers that allows product manufacturers the freedom to assemble packaging in-house. The FM-1400 weighs 8,500lbs. Requires 240 volts AC, 3-phase, 60Hz, 60amps.

FM-4000 forming machine

The Huhtamaki FM-4000 forming machine is an on-site assembling machine for flat bottom round and non-round, straight and tapered containers. Footprint: 7' x 9', weighs 15,000 lbs. Requires 480VAC, 3-phase, 60Hz, 100amps.

Bulkan® EX

The Huhtamaki Bulkan® EX machine assembles 1.5 to 4 gallon metaless bulk containers. On-site container forming helps reduce fuel and transportation costs associated with shipping of pre-formed containers. The Bulkan® EX machine weighs 5,900lbs. Requires 240 volts AC, 3-phase, 80 amps.


The Huhtamaki FM-1800-RIP is a Ring-in-Place Bulkan® container assembler that can produce 1 to 5 gallon containers. Fuel, transportation, and warehousing costs can be greatly reduced by the use of this on-site former. The FM-1800-RIP weighs 725lbs. Requires 1hp, 230 volts AC, 1-phase, 60Hz, 4.5amps (optional transformer to meet international specs. is available).


The Huhtamaki FM-1800-ABA is an automated container assembler for Bulkan® containers. The FM-1800-ABA weighs 550lbs. Requires 1hp, 115/230 volts AC, 1-phase, 60Hz (optional transformer to meet international specs. is available).

CF-3200 automated unscrambler/feeder

The Huhtamaki CF-3200 unscrambler/feeder is an on-site volume unscrambler and feeder that sorts and aligns covers and plugs for Huhtamaki containers. The CF-3200 weighs 780lbs. Requires 240 volts, 60Hz, 10amps.

FC-2300 ice cream filler/capper

The Huhtamaki FC-2300 ice cream filler is configured to run round or non-round nested containers, single or dual drop (for maximum speed, depending on shape).  The FC-2300 weights 2,200 lbs.  Requires 230 Volts AC, 3-phase, 60Hz, 10 amps.

FC-2320 ice cream filler/capper

The Huhtamaki FC-2320 filler/capper can be configured for single-drop or dual-drop (for maximum container drop rates, depending shape). The FC-2320 weighs 2,500lbs. Requires 440/480 volts AC, 50/60Hz, 15amps.