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Community Involvement Team pulls off stellar food drive in Fulton

Huhtamaki – Fulton launched a food drive, the week of June 6, to benefit the Salvation Army of Fulton, N.Y. and it proved to be a huge success.


The event was organized by the Huhtamaki Community Involvement Team from conception through delivery of the items. This cross functional team is comprised of employees from all levels of the organization and was developed with the goal of performing activities to support the community where they work.


Over several weeks, this team of dedicated employees began the preparations and planning for what became a very successful food drive.


“I know we all do things around the community to help out, but when I thought what we could do if we pooled our resources and talents together I just had to be a member,” Renee Dawalga, Community Involvement Team member, said.


With everything set and ready to go, the employees at Huhtamaki - Fulton were incredibly generous knowing that their efforts would directly impact the local community. As a group, they donated 1,753 food items, an average of 3.5 items for every employee at Huhtamaki Fulton.


During the event, an additional $775 in monetary donations was collected for the Fulton Salvation Army. The facility also donated 10,000 food containers for soup, made by Fulton employees.


The monetary donations will stretch a long way as the Salvation Army is able to purchase meat for .60 cents a pound and canned food for .16 cents each. It took two pickup trucks packed with boxes and 12 volunteer employees to deliver and unload the boxes.


The Huhtamaki Fulton employees made an extraordinary, collective effort to not only donate their food and time, but also reached into their own pockets for donations. 


And the local media noticed. Read the story from Oswego County Today

Huhtamaki Community Involvement Team Supports Salvation Army