Drink carriers & trays

Huhtamaki offers a wide variety of trays and carriers known for their industry-leading quality and strength. Made from recycled materials, all Huhtamaki carriers and trays transport food and beverages securely, minimizing the potential for spills, tips or leaks. Proudly made in the USA, Huhtamaki carriers and trays offer premium strength, quality and security.

Molded Fiber

Made from 100% recycled material and compostable, eco-friendly molded fiber offers the strength and flexibility needed to transport everything from heavy food to a wide variety of cup sizes safely and securely.

StrongHolder® Drink Carriers

All StrongHolder® drink carriers feature Huhtamaki's patented T-Slot design, enabling the carrier to hold cups ranging from 8oz to 44oz firmly in place, without spilling or tipping.  Available in 1, 2 or 4-cup options, StrongHolder® drink carriers are convenient and compact, stacking and de-nesting with ease.  Plus, StrongHolder® drink carriers require no assembly, and are eco-friendly - made from recycled materials and compostable - saving both time and natural resources.

StrongHolder® Food Trays

Compostable and made from 100% recycled materials, StrongHolder® food trays are perfect for transporting food and beverages from counter to table, without spills. Made from premium-strength molded fiber and available in a variety of sizes, StrongHolder® food trays offer the strength needed to keep food and drink in place, and the flexibility needed to accommodate a diverse, changing menu.

Chinet® cafeteria trays

Chinet® heavyweight smooth molded fiber cafeteria trays provide premium strength able to handle the heaviest of dishes served in the lunchroom. Made in the USA from recycled materials and fully compostable, Chinet cafeteria trays are available with three to six compartments and in a variety of sizes.

Savaday® by Chinet® Trays

Savaday® by Chinet® trays are the ideal solution for any school cafeteria looking for a stronger, sustainable alternative to foam. Made from 100% recycled material and compostable, Savaday® by Chinet® trays are eco-friendly, yet reliable, with deeper wells designed to transport heaping servings of USDA-recommended fruits and vegetables. Plus, Savaday® by Chinet® trays are the most competitively priced sustainable trays on the market, better for both the earth and your budget. Available in standard rectangular and new round design.