Egg packaging

Huhtamaki is a global leader for egg packaging. We currently offer egg flats and toppers produced by our superior molded fiber technology making them 100% recyclable and 100% compostable. 


Scroll down to see our latest offering, GreeNest, made with 50% grass fibers.

Egg Packaging

GreeNest® Egg Cartons

Our new GreeNest® carton uses exciting innovative technology to produce a completely natural product made with 50% grass fibers. 

Egg flats & toppers

Huhtamaki egg flats and toppers are some of the most reliable in the industry. Each egg flat and topper is designed with consistent, high quality raw materials. The result is a sturdy molded fiber product that de-nests easily and is ready for case loading. In addition, the topper offers a flat surface for labeling and shrink wrap display. 

Folding cartons

Huhtamaki provides a wide range of paperboard folding cartons that can be designed to fit nearly any shipping, displaying or merchandising need. Combined with Huhtamaki's flats and toppers, paperboard folding cartons are a total packaging solution.