Huhtamaki offers a full line of single-use tableware, including plates, platters and bowls in a wide variety of popular sizes and designs. Products are available in molded fiber, paper and plastic with options to meet every budget and every need, ranging from simple back-of-house preparation to premium front-of-house presentation. 

Molded fiber

Molded fiber has long been a staple in the Huhtamaki portfolio, as it's the perfect blend of performance and sustainability. Available in rough and smooth formats, molded fiber offers the strength needed to handle heavy dishes, and the environmental benefits of being both compostable and made from recycled materials. Huhtamaki molded fiber products are made in the USA and are certified as compostable by TÜV AUSTRIA, so you can be assured they are premium-quality and environmentally-friendly.

Chinet® Classic White™

For more than 80 years, consumers have relied on the strength, style and versatility of Chinet® Classic White™ products.  The simple, sturdy design allows food to shine, and is able to hold up to the heaviest of meals without crumbling or leaking.  In addition, Chinet® Classic White™ products are eco-friendly from start to finish - made in the USA from 100% recycled material and compostable once the meal is done.
Chinet® Classic White™ products are available as shown or can also be custom printed to maximize your brand awareness.  Available in a full assortment of sizes to match any dining occasion, premium-quality Chinet® Classic White™ plates, platters and bowls are the perfect complement to any meal and any brand.  

Vines stock print

For tableware that offers the same strength and versatility of the Chinet® Classic White™ line, with an extra dash of color and style, choose Vines™ stock print.  Plates, platters and bowls are available in a range of popular sizes with a design that easily adds color and style without distracting from the presentation.

PaperPro® Naturals™ by Chinet®

Available in a variety of sizes, PaperPro® Naturals™ by Chinet® plates, bowls and platters offer the strength and durability of molded fiber, at a cost that's more in line with paper. 100% compostable and made in the USA from recycled materials, PaperPro® Naturals™ by Chinet® are an economical way to be eco-friendly, without sacrificing performance and dependability.

brio™ molded fiber bowls

Designed with delivery and on-the-go in mind, brio molded fiber bowls maintain the integrity of today's most popular menu items without softening or bending.

Savaday® by Chinet®

Ideal for back-of-house food preparation, Savaday® by Chinet® rough molded fiber products offer the oil absorption needed for keeping fried foods fresh, along with the environmental benefits needed to keep your operation green.  Savaday® by Chinet® plates, bowls, circles and trays are available in a wide variety of sizes, all designed to extend both the life and visual appeal of any dish you serve.  Made from recycled materials and fully compostable, Savaday® by Chinet® products are perfect for prep and preservation.



Huhtamaki offers a range of reliable, premium-strength plastic plates and bowls, perfect for serving food in-house or on-the-go. Leak-resistant and easily stackable, Huhtamaki plastic products are available in light or heavy-weight formats, in either black or white. Choose single or multi-compartment plates, along with dome-shaped, tight-fitting lids to ensure food travels safely and securely.

Huhtamaki heavyweight plastic tableware

Trust your heartiest meals to Huhtamaki's complete line of heavyweight plastic plates and bowls. Available in a variety of sizes and options, Huhtamaki heavyweight plastic looks great and performs even better. The embossed rim and high gloss shine complement any dish, and the strong cut and leak-resistant material ensures a reliable customer experience.  Plus, our heavyweight plates and bowls stack and de-nest with ease, helping you save time, without sacrificing quality.

Huhtamaki lightweight plastic tableware

Lighter meals can be served securely and attractively on Huhtamaki lightweight plastic plates and bowls.  The embossed rim and high gloss shine showcase any dish perfectly, and the lightweight, but durable, plastic material ensures a positive customer experience, with no leaks or cuts. Huhtamaki lightweight plastic products are available in a variety of sizes and options, all of which stack and de-nest easily for optimal convenience.


New Huhtamaki paper plates offer the perfect combination of convenience, value and variety. Available in a range of popular sizes, Huhtamaki now offers both coated and un-coated paper plates to match any budget or any customer need.

Paper tableware

Pressed paper plates are the newest offering from Huhtamaki, completing a now fully-inclusive line of disposable tableware.  Proudly made in the USA, coated and uncoated Huhtamaki paper plates are grease-resistant and microwave-safe.  Available as shown, Huhtamaki paper plates are also available in a variety of sizes, in stock or custom prints for maximum versatility.